Odyssey 2018 - Spoken Pass-Phrase Verification in the i-vector Space June 29, 2018

Text-dependent Speaker Recognition

Hossein Zeinali, Lukas Burget, Hossein Sameti and Honza Cernocky


The task of spoken pass-phrase verification is to decide whether a test utterance contains the same phrase as given enrollment utterances. Beside other applications, pass-phrase verification can complement an independent speaker verification subsystem in text-dependent speaker verification. It can also be used for liveness detection by verifying that the user is able to correctly respond to a randomly prompted phrase. In this paper, we build on our previous work on i-vector based text-dependent speaker verification, where we have shown that i-vectors extracted using phrase specific Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) or using Deep Neural Network (DNN) based bottle-neck (BN) features help to reject utterances with wrong pass-phrases. We apply the same i-vector extraction techniques to the stand-alone task of speaker-independent spoken pass-phrase classification and verification. The experiments on RSR2015 and RedDots databases show that very simple scoring techniques (e.g. cosine distance scoring) applied to such i-vectors can provide results superior to those previously published on the same data.


Cite as: Zeinali, H., Burget, L., Sameti, H., Cernocky, H. (2018) Spoken Pass-Phrase Verification in the i-vector Space . Proc. Odyssey 2018 The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, 372-377, DOI: 10.21437/Speaker Odyssey.2018-52.

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