WP2 - Proposition For A Joint IT Infrastructure

June 19, 2024
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00:02:08    Benjamin Roadley:    goog morning :)
00:03:16    UNIOS D.Šego:    Hi
00:05:54    Gosia Kurek:    Good morning :-)
00:06:34    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    Good morning🙂
00:06:53    Sigrid Behrent:    Good morning !
00:07:56    Michal Wojciechowski JDU:    Good morning
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00:40:57    Sigrid Behrent:    I can't hear it.
00:43:43    Gosia Kurek:    Regarding PeerTube - does it mean the already existing video  resources  will need to be moved there?
01:11:01    Christian Grieger:    what means with MTIM?
01:15:59    Marina Holjenko (UNIOS):    Reacted to "I can't hear it." with 👍
01:16:15    Marina Holjenko (UNIOS):    Reacted to "what means with MTIM..." with 👍
01:25:18    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    Can you share the link to survey in chat already
01:26:05    Benjamin Roadley:    COLOURS - Proposition for a joint IT infrastructure (univ-lemans.fr)
01:26:11    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    Reacted to "COLOURS - Propositio..." with 👍
01:27:29    Rafal (JDU):    What is the deadline for the survey?
01:28:33    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    https://sondage.univ-lemans.fr/limesurvey/index.php/588884
01:29:00    Rafal (JDU):    Survey - deadline - the end of September??
01:30:04    Rafal (JDU):    Half September for us.
01:35:31    Davina Stiller:    I agree with Gosia. CSO meetings have shown that there can be disagreements and last minute changes :-)
01:35:50    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:36:03    Andréa Isambourg Le Mans Université COLOURS:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍🏻
01:36:33    Gosia Kurek:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:42:00    Vasko Sivakov:    Christian's solution is sound and pragmatic, a joint infrastructure built in BloomHub will be much more viable than restructuring every software in all the universities.
01:42:18    Christian Grieger:    Reacted to "Christian's solution..." with 👍
01:42:20    Rafal (JDU):    Reacted to "Christian's solution..." with 👍
01:43:40    Filippo Carnevali (Università di Ferrara):    So signing the agreement means to be legally binded to (for example) switch the whole university it infrastructure from google to own cloud?
01:44:04    Michal Wojciechowski JDU:    Reacted to "Christian's solution..." with 👍
01:46:19    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    We are comitted to  follow the regulations i Sweden (I suppose also in Europé) when we buy services and several of these are we already comitted to https://european-union.europa.eu/live-work-study/public-contracts_en
01:46:22    Rafal (JDU):    The solution MUST be feasible for each University.
01:46:56    Rafal (JDU):    So far BlomHub seems to be feasible.
01:47:29    Rafal (JDU):    Switching to so many new solutions may be really tough.
01:47:34    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    I know this solution is amazing, but alla the partner have  the budget in this project to move the transformation?
01:48:30    Filippo Carnevali (Università di Ferrara):    We’re talking about migrations that could take years 😅
01:48:41    Rafal (JDU):    Exactly!
01:48:54    Christian Grieger:    Reacted to "We’re talking about ..." with 👍
01:49:11    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    Luster not year!
01:49:50    Christian Grieger:    Replying to "I know this solution..."

No, only LMU have that budget what we know
01:50:49    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    Replying to "I know this solution..."

Maybe it’s a big problem
01:51:46    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    Budget for the eventual server and more
01:52:07    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    Or all the it infrastructure in in LMU?
01:52:55    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    Example if we want tu create a peer tube for each partner it’s hosted all in LMU?
01:56:30    Rafal (JDU):    I agree with Gosia. First BloomHub. Then, we\ll see…
01:56:40    Filippo Carnevali (Università di Ferrara):    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:56:44    Christian Grieger:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:56:51    Vasko Sivakov:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:56:54    Marie Gunnarsson Ekström:    Reacted to "I agree with Gosia. ..." with 👍
01:56:56    Rafal (JDU):    Let’s not discover the world again!
01:58:18    Rafal (JDU):    Not all at one time. Step by step. First BloomHub.
01:58:20    Egita's OtterPilot:    Takeaways from the meeting 👉💬

[ ] Universities to discuss proposition internally and provide feedback through a survey (All universities)
[ ] Schedule follow up meeting to continue collaboration once survey responses are received (Benjamin Roadley)
[ ] Investigate technical requirements and costs of deploying proposed infrastructure (Benjamin Roadley)
[ ] Reach out for help or clarification if any parts of the proposition are unclear or concerning (All universities)

See full summary - https://otter.ai/u/EQvqqlYnImGj7yiqoMK1JppixQ8?utm_source=va_chat&utm_content=wrapup_v4&tab=chat&message=5e4f4368-2f51-4860-8daa-6e9522ab15bd
01:58:39    Rafal (JDU):    Not all at one time. Step by step. First BloomHub.
02:03:41    Davina Stiller:    Have  a great midsummer festival! :-)
02:03:47    Luca Tebaldi (Unife):    thank you for letting me know otter! It’s fantastic!
02:03:58    Davina Stiller:    Thank you!!
02:04:29    Filippo Carnevali (Università di Ferrara):    Bye!!