Numerical modelling of metamaterials: electromagnetic and acoustic applications, Pleanary Lecture by Alessandro Toscano (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)

Jan. 25, 2017
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DENORMS Action’s Workshop “Modelling of high performance acoustic structures Porous media, metamaterials and sonic crystals”, Rome, 24-25th January 2017

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Programme of the Workshop

Session on Use of metamaterials in other fields of Physics and metamaterials exposed to multiple physical phenomena

Speaker: Alessandro Toscano (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)


With the term "metamaterials" (MTM) we refer to the wide family of artificially engineered electromagnetic materials and, thus, not existing in the nature, designed through the intrusion of given inclusions with proper shape and dimensions in a host medium. The surprising features of metamaterials, their easy large-scale realization, and the results obtained by several different groups both at the European and worldwide level, allow nowadays to employ metamaterials as a suitable solution to overcome the traditional limits of current devices realized with conventional materials. In this talk the last results obtained at Roma Tre on possible, practical applications of metamaterials in acoustics, microwaves and optics are shown.