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Ultrasonic characterisation of porous materials, by Philippe Leclaire (University of Burgundy) [Dec. 4, 2017]


DENORMS Action's Training School "Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials", Le Mans, 4-6th December 2017

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Programme of the Training School

Lecturer: Philippe Leclaire (University of Burgundy)


Acoustic models of the acoustics of porous and perforated media involve a set of physical parameters. Some of the parameters, the tortusity, the viscous and thermal characteristic lengths are defined for a perfect incompressible and inviscid fluid saturating the porous medium. It is shown that ultrasonic propagation in air-saturated materials can be used to determine these parameters. A basic method involving air-coupled ultrasonic transducers is presented. Variants of this method and a practical implementation of one of these is proposed.





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