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Experimental characterisation of sonic crystals, by Alejandro Cebrecos (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613)

Dec. 5, 2017
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DENORMS Action’s Training School “Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials”, Le Mans, 4-6th December 2017

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Lecturer: Alejandro Cebrecos (Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Mans, UMR CNRS 6613)


Phononic crystals are artificial materials formed by a periodic arrangement of inclusions embedded into a host medium, where each of them can be defined as solid and fluid. If the inclusions are solid and the host medium is a fluid, i.e., air, water, the term sonic crystal is often employed. They have been the subject of intensive research in the last few decades thanks to the variety of phenomena found on them in the context of wave propagation, such as the existence of band gaps and temporal and spatial dispersion, which allows an efficient control of wave propagation in different manners. In this talk we will describe the fundamental properties of sonic crystals and will focus on their experimental characterisation, showing different examples of some of the most celebrated phenomena found in these structures, considering the transmission and reflection of waves in the audible and ultrasonic regime.